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These handmade earrings are made from a non-toxic medium called Polymer Clay. Making them is a fun process, from conditioning each piece of clay by hand as well as through a pasta machine, using different techniques to achieve unique designs and cutting each shape out. They then go into the oven to bake, come out to be cooled, sanded, drilled and assembled. Some pieces are topped with resin epoxy for extra hardness and shine. 
Every piece is made with love, with YOU in mind!
They can be cleaned with soap and water or a Q-tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol to gently remove makeup, hairspray or dirt. 
Polymer clay is flexible but not immune to being broken if mishandled. Take care not to drop your earrings and keep them in a cool DRY place.
Please keep away from children as some pieces are small and may be a choking hazard. 
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